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Extended Essay: Introduction to the EE

Introduction to EE

The 12 Step Guide - Follow this (Use the tabs at the top)

How to start...

Jan 15th - The EE Begins -
Summary of Tasks to Complete
Welcome to the beginning of the Extended Essay - a 4000 word research based essay. You will need to stick to all deadlines that are given you. 
Initial Tasks
  1. Bookmarking: Add the CISlibguide Extended Essay and the IBO Extended Essay pages to your bookmarks.
  2. Educate yourself: Look at the information in the Subject pages of MyCis - Note - if you want further information on World Studies EE go to EW414 on Wednesday 17th at SMART.
  3. Create a folder for all your EE work: entitle this firstname_lastname_extended_essay2024. Share your folder: with and You will also share your folder with your supervisor once they have been assigned.**  .
  4. Link your folder to the Researchers Reflection Space on Managebac: In this area: -
  • a) Add the link to your EE folder.
  • b) Write down your initial ideas as to what you might want to do your EE in and what potential topics you want to do. 
  • c) Add your mindmap of ideas (see below)

5.  Sign the Extended Essay Essential Agreement: This is a mandatory form you must fill in to show that you understand the expectations that we have regarding academic honesty, the use of the RRS and your Google Folder.

6. Come up with some Initial Ideas: Create a mindmap of all your initial ideas on a piece of A3 paper or use Google Diagrams mindmap maker. You should add this to your RRS and be prepared to show it to your teachers.

7. Read Example Essays: In subjects that you may be interested in download and read through some example assessed essays. Note - there are some from the IB and there are also A grade essays from past CIS students in the subject specific areas of this site. Be ready to explain to your supervisor on day 1 all that is expected of a good essay.
8. Complete your proposal: You will need to download the proposal form . This must be completed as well as possible showing that you have looked for sources of information that are not just from the internet but also using the school academic databases - Here is a document with examples of acceptable and unacceptable proposals.
How and Where to Submit the Proposal
Deadline: Friday January 27th to Managebac - also print out a hard copy and give to your AG teacher.
NOTE - you must give options in two different subject areas as places are limited in some popular subjects e.g. business, psychology.
Please note, some subjects are more popular than others, and not everyone can have their first choice. You are more likely to get your first choice if your proposal is excellent.

Day 0 - Research workshops