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Social & Emotional Learning: Self Awareness

CIS TK's personal, social and emotional learning guide for parents, teachers and administrators. Created jointly by the library and counselling department

Self Awareness

The following themes are covered in books about self-awareness:

  • What's in a Name; being in between culture, identity and language, literal and metaphorical transformation of self
  • Self and family/ self and community/ family rituals and traditions and rootedness, sense of home 
  • Existential issues, establishing one's identity, coming to terms with one's differentness, body/image issues; recognizing strengths needs and values; confidence hope and self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Invisibility, imagination, neglectful parents; resorting to imagination to cope
  • LGBT issues, gender identity, gay families
  • Identifying and recognizing emotions; sibling relations; passing of the seasons
  • Spirituality, faith, festive traditions celebrating religions

Credit to: Dr. Myra Bacsal NIE Singapore