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Social & Emotional Learning: Relationship Management

CIS TK's personal, social and emotional learning guide for parents, teachers and administrators. Created jointly by the library and counselling department

Books SEL Relationship Management

Self Awareness

The following themes are covered in books about relationship management:

  • communication, social engagement and building relationships
  • working cooperatively
  • negotiation, refusal and conflict management
  • seeking and providing help
  • unlikely friendship, having each others' backs
  • interpersonal conflict (among friends), bullying
  • war and conflict (more global conflicts) and its consequences; light amidst war
  • colonialism, xenophobia, racism, slavery
  • displacement due to war, conflict, disasters, etc - seeking refuge
  • loving and being loved; taking care of  each other; romantic love; love between parent and child

Credit to: Dr. Myra Bacsal NIE Singapore