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Extended Essay: Start Here


Welcome - this is the time you have been waiting for - the start of the extended essay process. If you get the start right, the rest will be easy (ish).

Guidelines to completing the Extended Essay:

The Extended Essay is a research based essay in which you will be answering a research question. To honour this your first task prior to the official start of the Extended Essay on February 17th is to do two things.

1. Read through the IBO extended essay website


2. Click on the links below for important information. Minimum - Have a look at an example of an extended essay by clicking on the 3rd image and looking at some assessed examples from the IB pages.



“Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”― Napoleon Hill

The 12 Step Guide - Follow this (Use the tabs at the top)

EE Choices & Supervisors 2019/2020

Thank you for getting your proposals in on time. There were very many interesting ones, and also a few that showing limited thought and planning. I have tried as much as possible to give your first choices, although in some instances this has been impossible mostly due to:

  • too much demand for one subject and not enough supervisors 
  • the proposal for the second was considered stronger than the first
The list of students, choices and assigned supervisors will be placed here - there will be two tabs - the first is by subject, and the second is by AG.  Note there may be one or two people who are still to be assigned. 

If you feel that the choice shown does not reflect what you put down, please come and see me in WW414.

WORLD STUDIES Note ****** We will have a further meeting for those who wanted to do a WS EE.

Things you must do this Week:

  • Contact your supervisor and arrange a meeting before you go on your breakBe prepared for this. You will be given a supervision booklet by your AG Teacher.  You must take this with you to each meeting for your supervisor to sign. This will then be handed back and kept by the AG supervisor.
  • Continue to read the subject requirements for your essay and look at examples.
  • Look to focus your research question
  • Start researching - you should be using academic journals - see the databases and research hints on the tabs on the libguide.
  • This is a major resource for an academic paper - you must use it.
  • Don't delay - start your EE today!!

Introduction to EE

EE Myth Busters


After First Reflection Session