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CIS Lakeside Primary Library: Red Dot Book Awards

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Red Dot Book Awards


Red Dot Book Awards is an initiative of the International School Libraries Network (ISLN) of Singapore to promote reading. Students of participating school are encouraged to read the 8 nominated books in their age category and vote for the best book. The voting happens in spring.

Connected with the Red Dot Books is the Singapore Readers Cup Festival, with the finals also in the spring.

We have many copies of the books in our library (see below). However, sometimes all books are borrowed by other students. If you are desperate, please check this list to find out which books are available in the National Library (NLB)

Red Dot Book Nominees Early and Younger Readers

Early Readers (ages 3-7)


Younger Readers (ages 7-10)


Red Dot Book Nominees Older and Mature

Older Readers (ages 10-14)


Mature Readers (ages 14-adult)