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CIS Lakeside Primary Library: Readers Cup

CIS Readers Cup 2021-22


On May 9 and 11 2022, CIS competed nationally for the Readers Cup and placed in all 3 age categories. 

Congratulations to all three teams! 

Here are the winning teams of this year’s National Readers Cup!

Younger Readers (ages 7-10): 
2nd Place - CIS Lakeside - Crazy Sparks (Mr. Kevin Epp) Grade 4

Older Readers (ages 10-14):
3rd Place - CIS Lakeside - Bookworm Crew (Ms. Melissa Lim) - Grade 5

 Mature Readers (ages 14- adult):
1st Place - CIS Lakeside - Guardians of Libraria (Ms. Lisa Miller) - Secondary School

Here are the top scorers by grade within CIS.  

G4 - Crazy Sparks  (see above)
G5 - Bookworm Crew (see above)
G6 - Lords of the Reads (Mr Jamieson)


The Best Dressed Team for each grade goes to:

G4 - Pagemakers (Ms. Karine Lespinasse)
G5 - Fabulous Book Investigators (FBI) (Ms. Bea Arbelaez)
G6 - Lord of the Reads (Mr. Kent Jamieson)

Thank you to the teacher mentors. Without their coaching and support since January, this event would not have been possible

Congratulations to all Readers Cuppers in the participating teams this year. Well done and keep on reading!




The CIS Readers Cup aims to create genuine excitement around reading, and developing literacy and communication skills of all participating students. The CIS Readers Cup is open to readers in Grades 4 to 6 and activities take place during lunch break.

The Singapore Readers Cup Festival is a nationwide event hosted by the International School Library Network.


For more information about the Readers Cup and Red Dot Books, you can visit this link from the International Schools Library Network (ISLN).


For a preview of next year's Readers Cup, here is the 2022-2023 Shortlist of Red Dot Books.