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CIS Lakeside Primary Library: Readers Cup

Welcome to our Primary School Library home page.


The CIS Readers Cup aims to create genuine excitement around reading, and developing literacy and communication skills of all participating students. The CIS Readers Cup is open to readers in Grades 4 to 6 and activities take place during lunch break.


The Singapore Readers Cup Festival is a nationwide event hosted by the International School Library Network. This wonderful afternoon includes the following: a Gallery Walk of Book Covers, Book Trailers, a book fair, book related activities, the famous Readers Cup Quiz plus more! The Festival will be on the 28th of April, 2020.


One CIS team from the Younger Readers (Grade 4) and two CIS teams from the Older Readers (Grade 5 and 6) will be invited to compete against other participating schools. The teams attending the Festival will be the winners of the CIS Trials which will take place on the 12th of March 2020.

Info on Readers Cup

Better Book Cover Checklist


Book Trailer Checklist


Books for Readers Cup

The books we read for Readers Cup are the Red Dot Book award nominees. Because the books are the working tools for the Readers Cup teams, we ask the primary school parents to buy the books if their child is participating in a Readers Cup team.

The easiest way to do so is online from Closetful of Books, our local provider. Here is are the links:

Grade 4 students: Younger -

Grade 5 and Grade 6 students: Older -

Secondary school students: Mature -

Make a Book Trailer

Masterclass by Mr. Tim

Make your own booktrailer


Use Keynote to create an animated show

- Draw your own pictures

- You can use shapes and sound effects from Keynote 

- You can import pictures and videos from sites like Pixabay: make sure to cite them!


- Record your voice-over in Keynote

- Make your own music using Garageband

- Name your song and in the credits mention that you created it using Garageband

- You can use music from Bensound: make sure to cite it!


- Export your Keynote show into iMovie to edit it with all the sound tracks.

- You can make a title page and make sure to do credits at the end, listing all contributors and citing all the sources you used to make your trailer.

Good Luck!