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CIS Libguide Style Guide: Images

Style guide for the creation of CIS libguides

Logos and icons

We have purchased and created a number of icons for reuse on the library guides, these can be found in the Image Manager Shared Library. They are all round and the same size. Always try to remain consistent in the use of icons.These include:

  • Book Genres 
  • Inquiry Cycle
  • PYP concepts, attitudes, learner profile (both in English and Chinese)
  • Database and online icons


Remember copyright 

Any media on the web is, or was, owned by someone and before you use it, you must first find out whether the item is still in copyright. Using it without first getting permission from the owner is normally breaking the law. Some media on the web has been made available by the owner for free use, under open licences such as ‘Creative Commons’. These can be searched at: Find an image.  

Before using any open media, you must check the terms of the licence and adhere to the requirements of use. Normally this will include giving an attribution, which includes the licence, the name of the owner and its URL.

Adding alternative text (ALT text) 
Images need alternative, or ALT, text assigned to them when uploaded to the image galley. This is because screen readers can’t understand images, but rather read aloud the alternative text assigned to them. In most web browsers we can see this ALT text simply by hovering over the image and looking at the yellow tooltip that appears. Like meaningful links, the text used for ALT tags need to be descriptive. Keep it as short and succinct as possible, but keep it interesting. 

Profile Box

To update your profile:

  • From the Dashboard, click on the  icon at top-right corner of the Profile Box.
  • Add a new profile image: select Upload a new profile image from the Title & Image box, and then click Select New Image.
    • Upload personal photos for patrons to identify who is the contact person for the guide.
    • Upload pictures of the library to represent departments.  
    • Picture Dimensions: Max: 170(w) x 170(h) pixels.