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CIS Libguide Style Guide: Checklist

Style guide for the creation of CIS libguides

General Checklist

Guidelines Instructions
  Account profile was updated with contact information and an image


  Naming conventions followed for both guide title and page titles Types and Names
Changing Guide Options
  Guide type assigned
  Guide subjects and tags assigned
  Friendly URL assigned
  Profile box is added to the guide home page Creating Content
Best Practices: Reusability
Best Practices: Layout & Content
  Content is thematically chunked into pages and boxes
  Content reused when possible
  Boxes are ordered and placed based on responsive design principles
  Guide has been viewed on multiple devices to check responsiveness
  Text written with web consumption in mind: keep it short and simple
  Resource lists are kept short and organized in order of importance
  Consider your users: use plain language and be inclusive when adding content
  Be selective about what to create and be future-friendly
  Use default font with minimal italics and bold and no underlining or ALL CAPS Best Practices: Accessibility
  Start with Heading 3 when you use headers for content structure in rich text editor
  Link text (title) should be descriptive
  Database or links descriptions should display beneath the link title
  All images have alt-text descriptions
  Assign table headers and add caption and summary to describe table (data table only)

UOI guide checklist

Guidelines Instructions
  Guide has a URL


  Guide is assigned to a type and group  
  The central idea is in the top horizontal box, bold, blue, sized to span the entire width.
  The resource list has been loaded into LTFL and is in a horizontal scrolling banner under the central idea.
  The lines of inquiry are on the top LHS box (text size 16).
  Guide includes book images and a link to individual eBooks on MackinVia Online resources
  Guide includes a link to an Epic Book collection
  Guide includes a link to a relevant page in Brainpop Brainpop JR Brainpop Chinese
  For NU-G2 guide includes a link to PebbleGo
  For G2-G6+ guide includes a link to a relevant page on Britannica
  Every video is included in a separate box. "Dead"videos are eliminated
  All links and books have an image associated to make them more visual. Images are of a uniform size / dimension.
  Where possible include interactive documentaries and/or virtual reality links.
  Guides should include a link to online resources and to the password document.
  Guide link has been uploaded into grade/class page on my.cis or equivalent.  
  Guide link has been emailed to grade team, PYP Coordinator and other campus librarians
  Epic Book collection has been shared with grade team, PYP Coordinator and other campus librarians