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G5UOI: Where we are in place and time

A guide to the units of inquiry for G5 TK

Central Idea

Evidence from artifacts can help us to understand civilizations.

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:
1. Civilizations function in various ways. (Function)
2. Civilizations are connected (Connection)
3. Artifacts can represent the adaptation of a civilization (Change)

Database Resources and Links

How Archaeologists Work

MackinVia eBooks

Ancient Agricultural Technology

Ancient Romans invented a machine to harvest grain? Farmers in ancient China destroyed the pests that harmed crops by bringing in their natural predators? Learn how ancient agriculture set the stage for our own modern agriculture technology.

Ancient China

Dig deep to discover the incredible history of Ancient China. Come face-to-face with the fearsome Terracotta army. Be blown away by ancient inventions, from gunpowder to the umbrella. 

Ancient Homes

From mighty castle strongholds to the buried ruins of Pompeii, this engaging title unearths ancient homes. Concepts include how and why ancient homes were built, as well as their discovery through archaeological digs.

Be an Archaeologist

An archaeological dig requires a lot of meticulous preparation, research, and labor. Readers are given a glimpse into the hard work that archaeologists do as well as the excitement of the discoveries. 

Children of the Past

What would life have been like for you as a kid living twenty thousand years ago? Ten thousand years ago? Two hundred years ago? Would you have farmed? Hunted? Take a journey into the past to find out!

Ghost Ship

In the 1950s, a 4,000-year-old giant wooden ship was discovered buried in the Egyptian desert. In this book, readers will explore one of the most fascinating archaeological discoveries of the past century. 

The Impact of Technology in History and Archaeology

How have technology and science helped historians and archaeologists through the years? How does today's technology help us understand the past? What role does technology hold for the future of history studies? 

Investigating Atlantis and Other Lost Cities

In this guide to Atlantis and other lost lands, readers will learn to sort through fact and fiction, learning about the historical origins of lost-city legends, the lessons they teach us, archaeological digs for the truth.

Unsolved Archaeological Mysteries

Why did ancient people in Peru create the Nazca Lines? Who built England's Avebury Circle and why? What is the purpose of Easter Island's huge stone statues? The world is full of unexplained archaeological wonders. 

Fun Stuff

Here is a great interactive time line created with the myhistro app.  Download the app and try and make an interactive timeline for yourself!

DK Find Out


Ancient Rome

Vedic and Indus history

Online resources TK