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LKS Research: NoodleTools

Information on how to cite, plagiarism and finding sources.

NoodleTools and Referencing Help

CIS uses NoodleTools as a citation and research management tool. It allows students and teachers to collaborate during the research process and to share information. It also allows for timely intervention if referencing is either not occurring or not being done to the academic standards required.  We have self-paced learning packages on how to use NoodleTools for students and teachers: our NoodleTools Ninjas>

Do you have specific questions about citing and referencing? One of the best guides to the MLA style of referencing is the Purdue Owl Reference Site.



Citation tool for creating references to books, online resources and more during the research process

Why use NoodleTools?

Primary Reference Ninja

Secondary Reference Ninja

Thanks Nadine Bailey @inTLNadine for your NoodleTool tools.