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Who we are: G4

With rights come responsibilities.

Lines of Inquiry

1. Children's Rights (Perspective)
2. Challenges in achieving children's rights (Causation)
3. Our responsibility in protecting children's rights (Responsibility)

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Newsela Text Set


UN Convention Rights of the Child

Children's rights

Children who took action

Free the Children
We want a world where all children—girls and boys—have access to education and where no child has to work to ensure their family’s survival.

Poverty isn’t the result of a single cause. The issue is complex and rooted in a number of correlated social and economic obstacles. If you only tackle one issue, regardless of the money and resources you invest, the cycle of poverty will persist.

That’s why we created an international development model that addresses the five primary causes of poverty with holistic and sustainable solutions that work in tandem to transform communities.


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