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A library guide with lots of information on all aspects of literacy, information literacy, reading, research for parents.

Join the Library!

We welcome our parents in the library. You can join the library by filling in a simple form and showing us your CIS parents' card.


Parents may borrow up to FIVE (5) books for two weeks. 

The library is open to parents from 8.00am - 8.25am and from 3.30pm to 4.45pm unless there is a meeting or event. Children in Grade 3 and below must be accompanied by an adult at those times.

Reference books are not for circulation but they can be read in the library. Damaged or lost books will be charged for. 



图书馆在无特殊活动和会议的情况下公共开放时间为上午8.00至8:25之间 以及下午3:30至4:45。三年级以下学生需有家长陪同前来图书馆借阅。


Library Bytes

Library Bytes are short parent information sessions on library related topics. They are open to all parents. Sign-up forms will be available in the WAG a couple of weeks before each session. 

If you have suggestions for topics, please email your librarian.

Schedule of sessions: 


Books Protection: Library Bag

Students in Nursery to grade 3 are required to have a CIS plastic book bag. We strongly recommended that all students use these bags to prevent unnecessary damage.

Book bags will be for sale during orientation and at the finance counter in the main office of each campus during the school year. However, you can purchase similar plastic folders at any stationary shop.

Teacher Librarian

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