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Red Dot & Readers' Cup: Readers' Cup 2017/8

A guide for Canadian International school with resources and links to books and activities for Red Dot Books and Readers' Cup competition

RC Student information

Create a Book trailer!

Create a Book cover!

CIS Readers Cup Competition Book Cover

To redesign a cover of one of the Red Dot books in any medium (i.e. Computer generated, collage, photo, water-colour, oil, pencil, pastel etc.) 


  • Entries of A3 size 

  • Able to be displayed by hanging on a wall

  • Images from the internet should be ‘Labeled for noncommercial reuse’

  • Submitted covers need to include on the back artist(s) names, team name, age and school​


Entries will be evaluated using the following criteria

  • The font is clear and appropriate for this book and all elements (title, author, illustrator) are present.

  • Images (if used) evoke a strong sense of the storyline.

  • The font and the images work well together to vividly and creatively represent the story. 

​​SAMPLES (last years' TK winners)


Housekeeping notes

A few notes:

  • Readers' Cup will be on a MONDAY lunch-time from 12.30-1.30pm.  Please excuse yourselves from quiet reading AND please have your lunch in the canteen from 12.10-12.30pm so you can arrive promptly
  • All younger readers will be expected to read ALL 8 books, but to specialise in 3 of them in your team
  • All older readers will be expected to read at least 3 books, but preferably ALL books.
  • Each TEAM must submit at least 1 book trailer and 1 book cover.  Mr. Hobbs can help with the book cover and will hold sessions in the art room - date and time to be announced
  • Please only borrow ONE of the readers' cup books at a time
  • While you are reading the books please think of suitable questions for the kahoot quiz. Please add them to the sheet document under the relevant book. DO NOT EVER delete anything someone else has added. If there are errors report them to a teacher on duty who will approach the person who submitted the question.
  • Students MUST be committed - no more than two unauthorized absences.

Younger Readers 2017/8

Older Readers 2017/8

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