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TK G6 Research & Exhibition: Resources

A guide to the G6 Exhibition at CIS TK


In this section you will find the 3 top resources our G6 students found for their research during the exhibition.

Right to Education

Curated by: Michelle Lipinski

Land Pollution

Curated by: Brent Edward Lim 

Time Dilation

Curated by: Matthew Bata

Fast food

Curated by:  Timothy Von Seidlein

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Girls Right to Education

Curated by: Sana Sika


Curated by: Abigail Bilsland

Sugar in Food

Curated by: Justin Lee

Child Labour

Curated by: Kathleen Craddock

Haze (2)

Curated by: Joshua Chan

Space Exploration

Curated by: Luke Greenwood

Screen heads

Curated by: Jasmine Karumo


Curated by: Varun Raiji

Ecological Architecture

Curated by: Emil Valta

Universe Slowly Dying

Curated by: Ayaan Raina

Social media addictions

Bengal Tiger

Curated by: Shreya Mehta