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G6 Literacy: Home

Welcome to the TK Library's guides to G6 Literacy.  The following tabs will take you directly to the relevant studies we have conducted. You can find the guides to other grades HERE

11 year old reading

Eleven year olds:

  • Listen to music independently
  • Like to dance
  • Like horror movies and stories
  • Like mysteries
  • Like series books
  • Find that friends are vey important
  • Clothes and appearance are more important
  • Like babies and little kids
  • Write notes / text  friends
  • Like sports
  • Like survival and adventure stories
  • Like happy endings to stories
  • Imitate their friends in dress and behaviour
  • Begin an interest in science fiction
  • Read about people just a little older than they are.

12 year old reading

Twelve year olds

  • Like rap, rock and roll and heavy metal music
  • Participate in all kinds of sports
  • Begin to specialize in some sport
  • Like physical activity
  • Begin informally dating, mostly in groups
  • Like History in fact and fiction 
  • Like horror stories and movies
  • Like comedy, fantasy and science fiction
  • Watch TV series
  • Are very interested in their social life
  • Are interested in makeup, clothes, hairstyles
  • Have moodswings, seem grown-up one minute, a child the next
  • Like to do things for themselves
  • Like to be cool.

Recommended Books Grade 6

Above you will find some lists of recommended books for your grade.  In order to present a balanced list we have tried to include the following in each list:

  • Chapter books
  • Picture books (yes, even for older readers)
  • Comic books and Graphic Books
  • Nonfiction and informational texts
  • Books that are easy and books that are challenging
  • Books that make us laugh and make us think

How did we arrive at the lists?


Insatiable Curiosity

Connection Creation

Righteous Indignation