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G2 Literacy: Home

Welcome to the TK Library's guides to G2 Literacy.  The following tabs will take you directly to the relevant studies we have conducted. You can find the guides to other grades HERE

Reading for seven year olds

Seven year olds:

  • Develop budding friendships
  • Seek acceptance by other children their age
  • Show increasing independence from home and faily
  • Strike out on their own as readers
  • Take pride in showing off their reading skill
  • Understand more complex stories than they can read
  • See the world as good/bad; fair/not fair
  • Believe in magic
  • Accept fairy tale "eye for an eye" morality and cruel justice

Recommended books

Grade 2 - A list of books recommended for G2 students.

Above you will find a list of recommended books for your grade.  In order to present a balanced list we have tried to include the following in each list:

  • Chapter books
  • Picture books (yes, even for older readers)
  • Comic books and Graphic Books
  • Nonfiction and informational texts
  • Books that are easy and books that are challenging
  • Books that make us laugh and make us think

How did we arrive at the lists?