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CIS Lakeside Primary Library: Earth Always

Welcome to our Primary School Library home page.

undefinedActually, of course every Week is Earth Week, with our students in the different grade levels working to make our world a better place.

But once a year we give it an extra boost. This year with the COVID-19 closure it is a bit harder, but on this page you can find some information and ideas to get inspired, and to get active to support our planet.

6 Sustainable Habits

Earth Week ebooks from our library

undefinedEarth Week ebooks from our library

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Earth Week at Home - for parents

GO ECO: How to make yarn (plarn) from plastic bags

Use plastic bags to create something new: crochet, knitting, weaving - this is how to make one long strip of "plarn" from a plastic bag.

Grow Plants from food you eat

Want to find out what the plants look like that you eat the fruits from? Just grow them from their pips, seeds, sprouts, cuttings and discover! 
Here are useful websites to help you further:
Kyndra Holley: 25 Fruits and vegetables you can re-plant and grow yourself
Office ot Sustainability: Growing food from kitchen scraps
Missouri Botanical Garden: Plants from kitchen scraps: fun for all ages