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Extended Essay: Step 6 - Action Plan / Outlines

Time Management

  • "A usual problem with Extended Essays is time-management. Many students believe (erroneously) that they will have plenty of time to complete it later.
  • Work with your supervisor on this and be prepared to make some adjustments to your normal routines to accommodate any delays or issues with your EE thus ar. Bear in mind these adjustments are necessary but temporary.
  • Often setting aside one free period every two weeks to work on your EE helps significantly. Work with your supervisor to formally set something on your timetable.
  • Sticking to deadlines will ensure you can get this task done so that you can focus on other work required as part of your studies."

EE course Guide, 2016

Stop Procrastinating

Creating Outlines for your Essay

Importance of Outlines

Task: Watch the video on outlines- This is from the University of British Columbia and is a very credible resource. They explain that the most important aspect of producing a good essay is to create an outline. 

  • By now you should already have done a great deal of research and made notes.
  • You should have written down all your sources.

Task: You will now be writing your own Outline prior to writing your first 2000 words of your essay.

  • Think of the outline as the skeleton of your essay. You will start to put some flesh on this skeleton with your 2000 words.
  • Look at some examples of outlines and use the template to start you going. Your essay must always focus on answering the research question. The outline should show you how you are going to do this. 
  • Each section of the essay must be relevant and link to the research question and to show different perspectives.

Resource: Template for writing an outline - You do not have to use this, you can create your own style, however, this could be helpful.

Folder with examples of EE outlines from various subjects.

Note these are just examples. If there is not one from you subject area, don't worry. Look at these to get some ideas.

Source: ISB

Create a timeline /Action Plan

The Extended Essay is merely one of many things that you have to complete in the Diploma Program - it can very easily get put to the bottom of the pile as it is a long term target. This is why you are given a range of shorter term targets that you must meet. However, you don't want to constantly crisis manage. Plan so that you know what is coming up and develop your own short and long term timelines.

1. Create a medium and long term timeline up to when the EE is due.

2. Create a shorter term timeline of what you are going to be doing between now and end of the term.

Template to download and fill in- Short to Medium Term Planning.

2021- Fill in Google Form after creating your Action Plan


Tip of the day - make use of some "deadtime" - listen to relevant podcasts on the MRT or bus going to and from school.