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LKS G6 UOI: Where We Are In Place and Time

Central Idea: The interaction between people and the natural environment impacts its development and the community.
We will inquire into the causes of development in urban centers, the responsibilities people have when developing natural environments and the ways urban development is connected to population trends and community needs.



Newspaper Articles

Time Line

Here is a great interactive time line created with the myhistro app.  Download the app and try and make an interactive timeline for yourself!


How we design and build a smart city and nation

As population grows in the geographically restricted island nation of Singapore, there is a dire need for comfortable, sustainable and serene living spaces. Dr. Cheong Koon highlights how Housing and Development board of Singapore is using technology to build a sustainably smart city for a better future.

As head of Housing and Development Board of Singapore, Cheong Koon Hean oversees the development and management of some 1 million public housing flats in 23 towns.

Singapore's Environment Story

Clean Green Singapore group interviews children and their grandparents views on how Singapore has changed.