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Why join the NLB?

* Access to over 1 million resources including books, magazines, music, newspapers, maps etc.
* Borrow eBooks and audiobooks via Overdrive in English and Chinese
* Access to NLB's eResources
* Many activities organised for students and families

How to join?

* Free for Citizens / PR
* $10.50 registration and $42.80 annual fee for foreigners (need a NETS card)
* Take your Singapore ID card

For eBooks

* Download Overdrive on your mobile device
* "+ Add a library" = "Singapore National Library"
* Put in your username and ID
* Add eBooks / AudioBooks to your bookshelf

Closest library to TK Campus: Marine Parade Public Library

278 Marine Parade Road
#01-02 Marine Parade Community Building 
Singapore 449282

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Closed at 5pm on eves of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.
Closed on public holidays.
Bookdrop: 24-hour

Contact Info
Tel: 63323255
Fax: 63462130


TK library 2015/6

Book Care Tips

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Library Book

1. Read with clean hands.

2. Keep the book close to you.

3. Turn pages carefully so as not to tear the pages.

4. Do not draw, write, or color in or on a library book.

5. Use a bookmark.

6. Carry the book correctly.

7. Keep the book away from food and drinks.

8. Keep the book away from small children and pets.

9. Keep your book in your book bag when you are not reading it.

10. Return the book to the library on time so that other students can enjoy it too.

TK Librarian

Nadine Bailey's picture
Nadine Bailey
371 Tanjong Katong Road
437128, Singapore
+65 6345 1573

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