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Authors, illustrators and books: Roald Dahl

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Roald Dahl - BrainPop

Sing along

So you think you're able (A-ble)
To survive this mess by being a Prince or a Princess (B-ing)
You will soon see (C)
There's no escaping tragedy (trage-D)
And even (E-ven)
If you put in heaps of effort (F-ort)
You're just wasting energy (ener-G)
'Cause your life as you know it is ancient history (H-ent)
I, have suffered in this jail (I and J-l)
I've been trapped inside this cage for ages (K-ge)
This living 'ell (L)
But if I try I can remember (rem-M-ber)
Back before my life had ended (N-ded)
Before my happy days were over (O-ver)
Before I first heard the pealing of the bell (P-ling)
Like you I was curious (Q-rious)
So innocent I asked a thousand questions (R-sked)
But unless you want to suffer listen up (unl-S)
And I will teach you, a thing or two (T-ch)
You listen here, my dear (U)
You'll be punished so severely (se-Vre-ly)
If you step out of line, and if you cry, it will be double, you should stay out of trouble (W)
And remember to be extremely careful (X-tremely)


Why? (Y)


Why? Why? Did you hear what he said?


Just you wait for Phys-ed (Phy-Z)

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